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Job Description

The blockchain engineering team at Sifchain is looking for a talented developer relations engineer to connect with, inspire, and educate a community of open source developers who will help Sifchain complete its mission.

As a developer relations engineer you collaborate with blockchain engineers inside and outside of Sifcahin’s core team to design, implement, deploy, and support blockchain architecture. Your work would both directly and indirectly affect multiple blockchains and their auxiliary systems. You should be comfortable with the core primitives of blockchain, including distributed systems, fault tolerance, security, cryptography, networking, microeconomics, and performance optimization.

As a Sifchain team member, you would be responsible for creating technically viable software with a team of senior engineers specializing in devops, distributed systems, system architecture, testing, and other related fields. You would be collaborating with some of the most diligent minds in the cryptocurrency industry on product direction, both on the core Sifchain team and among its partners, investors, advisors, and other community members. As an early team member, you must feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where the solutions aren’t already predefined.

Prior experience with blockchain projects is necessary given that you would be communicating Sifchain’s excellence to other blockchain engineers. Prior experience with developer relations and open source engineering is also necessary because the fast pace of the cryptocurrency industry requires a developer relations expert who can cultivate the best from our existing community of passionate blockchain developers. You should be the kind of person who eagerly read Nadia Eghbal’s “Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software” or other similar works.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about being at the forefront of a new technological paradigm and can lead the design and development of scalable applications.

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage Sifchain’s relationship with its testnet validator community on community-led initiatives like deployment on multiple cloud platforms, performance measurement, wallet integrations, arbitrary widgets and extensions, debugging, and blog articles
  • Field questions from the development community and provide answers from Sifchain’s internal documentation and developers
  • Polish Sifchain’s documentation beyond what Sifchain’s other engineers develop for the purpose of easy use from external teams
  • Manage an on-call rotation for devops engineers inside and outside of Sifchain’s core team to monitor the status of Sifchain’s mainnet and testnets and debug in real-time as needed
  • Evangelize Sifchain’s developer tools at hackathons and virtual tech demos
  • Build tools and tutorials for devs or champion them for our engineering team to prioritize
  • Attend and host industry best-practices meetings to share tips with peer cryptocurrency development organizations
  • Create and edit developer-focused blog articles, emails, web content, newsletters, and other material
  • Manage the developer journey from website to documentation to tools
  • Cultivate and grow a happy open source community across Sifchain various social media platforms and forums
  • Collaborate with marketing to ensure Sifchain’s developer presence is attractive to engineers


  • Fluency in a systems-level programming language (Golang preferred).
  • Experience with blockchain software development on at least one popular ecosystem such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Chainlink, Tron, Stellar, Tezos, Neo, or another similar ecosystem
  • Empathy with the user experience for cryptocurrencies; including software elements like wallets, block explorers, testnets, 3rd party custodians, and node status visualizers; text elements like developer documentation and tutorials; and event elements like price volatility, feature announcements, and partnership announcements
  • A keen aptitude for sharp feedback and structured communication
  • Desire to work on building things the “right” way to make sure our technical foundation is solid as we build on top of it over the coming years
  • An analytical and data-driven approach to building and nurturing communities Independence and self-motivation
  • 1+ year of developer relations, technical community management, similar experience
  • 3+ years engineering experience

Bonus Points:

  • Major contribution to prominent and related open-source projects
  • Background in cryptography or networking
  • Background in academic economics or finance
  • Familiarity with Cosmos, Tendermint, or Thorchain
  • Familiarity with the GoLang programming language
  • Familiarity with Ethereum development tools like Drizzle, Truffle, and Infura
  • Familiarity with Terraform
  • Familiarity with GraphQL
  • Experience in small start­up environments
  • Experience with a distributed team / remote work

About Sifchain

At Sifchain we are in the process of launching an Omnichain Decentralized Exchange. This is a unique technical undertaking that continues to attract interest and excitement from a multitude of well known investors in the blockchain sphere. In fact, the private sale round was oversubscribed within two days of its announcement. Investors recognize that our offering has unique benefits over both CEXes and existing DEXes, and has the potential to fundamentally change the DeFi ecosystem. The team is led by a blockchain architect from Thorchain, which raised its liquid market cap from $1M to over $150M in two years.

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