Senior Blockchain Engineer at Decent

Senior Blockchain Engineer



Engineering Blockchain Job

San Francisco, CA · Full-Time · 1-10 employees

Job Description

We are seeking a curious and motivated engineer who is as passionate as we are about designing and developing decentralized applications, and who is excited by the challenge of building a fully decentralized protocol for health insurance.

This role requires an in-depth understanding of distributed systems, blockchain, and hands-on experience architecting and developing on existing blockchain smart contract platforms. You will work directly with our CTO and experienced team of developers and will be a key part of pragmatically decentralizing our product.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Participate in design and implementation of our fully decentralized protocol for health insurance. This includes developing, testing and deploying the backend and smart contracts needed to do so.
  • Help architect and implement our token-based incentive model which introduces a new micro-economy for aligning patients, providers and drives towards decentralization.Design and develop any APIs and/or SDKs required to support these services
  • Own monitoring, alarming, analytics, and reporting on all services you build, ensuring high performance and responsiveness
  • Coach and mentor other members of the development team, growing the collective knowledge and expertise of the group

What We’re Looking For:

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience developing highly reliable, scalable services, incorporating REST and microservices patterns
  • Demonstrable, in-depth knowledge and experience with at least one modern language such as Javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, C++
  • Strong comprehension of computer science fundamentals, object-oriented design patterns, data structures, and algorithms
  • Code (provide GitHub link or smart contract addresses) that demonstrates your ability to build or architect distributed systems and/or blockchain code.
  • Curious, continually learning, and eager to share your newfound knowledge with others
  • Comfortable working in a devops/CI environment

What Will Make You Stand Out:

  • Demonstrable strong interest in blockchain, token models and decentralisation and a desire to contribute to thought leadership in the company.
  • The ability to articulate the pros/cons of current blockchain implementations beyond Ethereum. Hands-on experience creating smart contracts, or building on blockchain
  • Interest and some understanding of second layer security solutions such as sMPC, zero-knowledge, etc.
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities in an engineering environment, including raising the bar for operational excellence

About Decent

Decent will offer more affordable healthcare by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.

At Decent, we embrace the idea that in order for people to do their best work they bring their whole selves to an open environment that encourages curiosity and open dialogue. We are kind and we provide support and respect to one another.

Teammates will not operate in silos and are encouraged to share knowledge. This will allow others to understand context to empower employees to make smart business decisions. Workflows, data, and context should be documented and visible and shareable to all employees.

Business decisions will be made based on research rather than ego. We will debate ideas and not people. There are no sacred ideas here. Everything is open for discussion, and things can change. We will value collaboration over perfection. We will hire good people and trust them to make good decisions.

Ivory tower-like behaviors including but not limited to absent executives, bottleneck decision making process, culturally snooty hiring, or intimidating employees will not be tolerated. Ever.

In an effort to evolve the company for the better we will promote a culture of ownership; build things that need to be built and fix things that need to be fixed.

Everyone needs encouragement. We will celebrate successes, call out good work, and pat each other on the back for a job well done.

It’s up to all of us to protect and improve our culture. You have a unique and valuable viewpoint. If you think we can do better, please speak up. Our organization is the sum of its people.

Java, Cryptography, Backend Development, Blockchain, Smart Contracts
$120K – $160K
0.5% – 1.0%
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