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Polymath is building the world’s first decentralized protocol that will act as the interface between financial securities and the blockchain. This will empower corporations to create their own securities tokens, massively disrupting the legacy securities industry.

Founded in 2017, Polymath gives issuers of financial products access to the blockchain, smart contracts, and token creation technology. Our platform lowers the barriers to entry for businesses looking to create tokenized securities and investors looking to gain exposure to regulated, asset-backed tokens.

Polymath’s stated mission is to guide venture capital firms, investment funds, and public companies through the complex technological and legal processes of a successful token creation.

We have created a security token protocol which embeds regulatory requirements into the tokens themselves, which are then only available to verified and authorized participants.

Polymath is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company hiring for 1 blockchain job. There is an open position for Ethereum Dapp Developer. They are searching for someone in Engineering.

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