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Blockchain Developers, Inc., the leading blockchain recruiting agency, is seeking a Lead Ethereum Developer who will be the CTO and Co-Founder to develop a protocol for the telecommunication industry.  Our client is bringing a business to business solution to snuff out rampant international fraud within the telecommunications industry by building a blockchain.

The Lead Ethereum Developer will be a hands on developer, coming in on the ground floor (employee #2), to create an imbedded B2B protocol deep within the telecommunication infrastructure. We need someone who has deep technical expertise to build and launch the blockchain for this Software as a Service (SaaS) that will never need an ICO, but rather has VCs that are ready to invest because this is a real problem with a real solution. There are billions of dollars lost every year to international telecommunication fraud.

Must have:

  • 2+ years as a strong software developer with deep technical knowledge especially in backend and building infrastructure
  • 1+ year(s) experience in hands on blockchain development in Ethereum and Solidity, (proof of concept knowledge)

Strongly Prefer:

  • Leadership experience building in blockchain
  • Experience working on enterprise software, B2B products and SaaS
  • Interest in or knowledge of Cosmos SDK and Truffle/MetaMask
  • Experience with IPFS and/or distributed file sharing mechanisms
  • Experience working in a startup environment and also having experience in enterprise sized companies is preferred
Ethereum, Solidity, smart contracts, truffle, metamask, Cosmo sdk, IPFS
$120K - 130K/yr DOE
10% to 30% + (DOE)
Employee #2, would be co-founder and CTO
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