Job Description

We're looking for a multi-talented professional that can help us move things forward on some of our Cryptocurrency / Blockchain initiatives on the Marketing front.

Skills we're looking for:

- High quality content marketing on Medium and Steemit, SEO/SEM

- Experience managing and running both bulk email and organic email marketing campaigns using tools like sendx and

- The ability to plan and co-ordinate the execution of Social outreach efforts for our various initiatives on various Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk and such, using tools like Hootsuite and others

- Experiene using competitive analysis tools to dissect competitior marketing spend, strategies and effectiveness and deciding on counter strategies

- Experience managing and co-ordinating content publishing schedule, gathering needed images, infographics and such to add compelling punch to existing content.

- Experience running paid PR and advertising campaigns.

- A good grasp of Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies is a strong plus, or at the very minimum a high enough level of technical ability to quickly research and learn new tech as needed.

- The ability to work with Technical folks to craft approaches to show our understanding and competency in key technical areas.

- A highly performance driven approach to Marketing.

- Good work ethic and taking ownership and responsibility for results.

Look forward to discussing this further with qualified candidates

About Indra Crypto Capital

Indra Crypto Capital is a fully integrate Cryptocurrency firm building a suite of products directed at India and the world. Please take a look at for more information.

hootsuite, sendx,, telegram, twitter, faceook, reddit, seo, sem, medium, steemit, similarweb
Negotiable, depends on experience level.
Equity depends on experience level.
Payable in Crypto
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