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We're looking for a Product Manager to grow our game engagement by deepening, broadening, expanding, and any other “-ings” they can think dream up to improve the exceptional experiences we deliver to our players. With your help, we’re working on developing and implementing new features and components that will offer our players an even more immersive and enjoyable experience with CryptoKitties. Blockchain technology and decentralized apps are opening an exciting and revolutionary new world, and you’ll help shape how people interact with one another in that world. You’ll do that alongside an incredible team (and some incredible dogs) in our Vancouver office.

We value that each candidate brings a unique mix of skill and experience. We set a high bar for our team members, while ensuring they have the support and guidance not just to succeed, but to excel. 

What we’ll accomplish together:

  • We’ll shape the future of user interaction in a new world of decentralized applications and blockchain.
  • You’ll explore and pioneer the role of social networks in the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, blazing the path with authenticity, trust, coordination, transparency, and security.
  • CryptoKitties poses a unique challenge: it is inherently a social game, but most of those interactions occur outside the game via channels like Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. We want you to think deeply on how to more closely weave social elements into CryptoKitties.

A Little About You:

Culture fit is of utmost importance to us and we’re willing to shape the role to fit the perfect candidate. That said, there are a few qualities or experiences a candidate must possess:

  • You’ve got experience building engaging elements in games or social networks to deepen user-to-user relationships.
  • You have excellent data analytics skills, and can pinpoint unique insights from large data sets and use them to drive product development.
  • You can conduct research and usability tests and analyse your findings to develop deep understanding our user base.
  • You can apply your skills across a variety of use cases; inflexible specialists need not apply.
  • We believe in processes and the power of planning, but you will often have to roll with the punches and prioritize the most impactful tasks on the fly.

About CryptoKitties

What is CryptoKitties? Glad you asked. CryptoKitties is the world's most successful blockchain game, accounting for 25% of traffic on the Ethereum network upon launching. As cryptocollectibles built on distributed ledger technology, we created CryptoKitties to explore the concept of digital scarcity and introduce blockchain technology to everyday consumers––in short, to shape the future of blockchain.

Since launching, players have exchanged tens of millions of US dollars on the platform, with some cats selling for over US $100,000. We’ve been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and VICE.

Understands purrrrroduct

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