Software Engineer - Blockchain at TenX

Software Engineer - Blockchain



Engineering Blockchain Job

Sydney, Australia · Full-Time · 11-50 employees

Job Description


The TenX Research Lab is looking to hire a software engineer with strong grasps of the principles of distributed and peer-to-peer computing who are based in Sydney, Australia.

Past experience and knowledge in blockchain technologies or general cryptography is a plus but more importantly is that people are hungry and self-driven, interested in the blockchain ecosystem and willing to grow and learn.

We value contributions to open source software projects, experience building startup MVPs, giving talks, and organizing communities. TenX engineers are experts in their fields and leaders among their peers; we expect you to have these qualities too.


The perfect candidate has:

  • Professional proficiency with both object-oriented and functional programming paradigms, and professional proficiency with at least one language in each category

  • Professional proficiency with one or more of the following programming languages: Rust, Java, JavaScript or C
  • Professional proficiency in backend development with a strong focus on scalability and fault tolerance
  • Experience building, deploying, and maintaining microservices or serverless architectures in the cloud
  • Experience using Docker to create reproducible build and deployment pipelines
  • Expertise with Linux
  • You know what “immutability”, “orthogonality” and “idempotence” mean. You can explain how and why these traits are important, citing specific examples from your professional experience
Rust, Java, JavaScript, C, Docker
$60K – $140K

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