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Bifrost Finance is a Substrate developed DeFi project in the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Our mission is to provide totally decentralized staking liquidity derivatives to users. The protocol unlocks liquidity of staked assets in PoS networks by addressing the liquidity issue of staked assets. 

Bifrost has a slot auction liquidity protocol (SALP), the first polkadot eco-slot bidding liquidity module allowing users to unlock their KSM/DOT liquidity in the parachain slot auction crowd loans by generating a vstoken derivative. Bifrost has a Staking Liquidity Protocol (SLP) providing liquidity derivatives vToken for staked assets. Bifrost is focusing on developing further liquidity derivatives to stakers on other chains for 2022.

Bifrost raised $2.15M from top-tier venture capital firms of the likes of NGC, SNZ, DFG, CMS, the Web3 Foundation Grant, and other institutions. It’s also a member of the Substrate Builders Program and Web3 Bootcamp, and it built an incredible community of over 100,000 members strong!

Bifrost Foundation is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company hiring for 1 blockchain job. Bifrost Foundation is accepting applications for remote roles. There is an open position for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). They are searching for someone in Marketing.

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